14 January 2009

Tug “Tugnuy” of Pella 16609 design has completed its voyage to Far East of Russia

The vessel (main power installation – CAT 3516 2x1492 kW, propulsion system - Rolls-Royce US-205 ASD thrusters) has completed the voyage made by its own power from Saint-Petersburg to Vanino harbour (Far East of Russia) where it will ensure the operation of coal terminals for the SUEK company. The voyage took 3 months. During this period the vessel passed about 15 000 n. miles and the “Tugnuy” performed reliable work both in the hot southern seas and also in tough storm and ice conditions.

The tug “Urgal”, the second vessel from the set of tugs built for SUEK, has already safely passed more than half of its way to Russia`s Far East, it has passed through the pirate area near the Somali coast and now closing to stop point at Sri Lanka.

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