2 March 2018

The solemn keel laying ceremony of the first-in-class crab catching vessel of the project 03070 as well as a signature of the Contract for construction of the first serially built vessel were held

In the lead-up to solemn crab catching vessel keel laying ceremony the signature of the contract between Open JSC “Pella” and LLC “Antey” vessel of the same project 03070 has taken place.

The solemn ceremony was held at the shipbuilding site of Pella.

The honorary guests presented at the ceremony – Ilya Shestakov, the Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation and the Chief of the Federal Fishery Agency; Stanislav Ershov, temporarily acting on behalf of Vice-governor of Primorye; Georgiy Martinov, the President of Association of fishery enterprises in Primorye region; Ivan Mikhnov, the President of the Group of companies “Antey”; Andrey Polomar, the General Director of LLC “Antey”, senior management and representatives of the North-West territorial administration of the Federal Agency for Fisheries, ANCO “Russian Far East Agency for capital raising and export promotion”, LLC Design Bureau “Petrobalt”, Central administrative authority and Baltic affiliated branch “Russian maritime register of shipping”, PJSC Joint-Stock Bank «Russian Capital», JSC «Rosselkhozbank», Group of companies «Antey»; the shipyard’s top management and workers.

As part of the keel laying ceremony Open JSC “Pella” has confirmed its intention to arrange the construction of a series of modern fishing vessels at the compact shipyard in Primorye. The construction of both first-in-class and first serial-built vessels of the project 03070 will make it possible for the shipyard to refine design solutions and to prepare specialists for proceeding construction of a series of fishing vessels at the shipyard in the Russian Far East Federal region.

The vessel of this project is intended for specialized bottom crab catching (king, snow, blue crab) by cone traps of “Japanize type” with following sorting, loading in grid baskets and live crab transporting in tanks with sea cooled water (RSW tanks).

General technical parameters:

Length overall 50, 45 m
Width overall 12,00 m
Deadweight approx. 585 t
Total displacement approx. 1835 t
Overall draft at total displacement 6,62 m
RSW tanks capacity approx. 450 m3
Bait storeroom capacity approx. 30 m3
Main engine Wartsila 6L20 with a capacity of 1200 kW at 1000 rpm
Speed approx. 12 knots
Endurance by fresh water capacity at least 5 days with further replenishment from a fresh-water generator
Endurance by fuel capacity not less than 30 days
Sea endurance not less than 6000 miles
Crew 30 persons
Class notation КМ   Ice2 AUT3 (REF) Fishing vessel by Russian maritime register of shipping.

Special equipment:

  • Fore anchor mooring electric windlass;
  • Aft mooring electric capstan;
  • Aft cargo crane with a lifting capacity of 2100 kg at a boom reach of 8 m;
  • Fore cargo crane with a lifting capacity of 3600 kg at a boom reach of 12 m;
  • Provision rooms refrigerating plant system;
  • RSW tanks cooling plant system;
  • Bait storeroom cooling plant system.
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