19 August 2015
8 August 2015
The Multifunction rescue tug «SB-736» of the project 02980 (PS-45) building No 803 has been launched.

"SB-736" - the third of series tug construction project 02980 (PS-45). Launch of the vessel will be made by using channel for ship launch on the new shipbuilding complex of shipyard Pella.

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21 July 2015
The tugboat «RB-367» of project 16609 (build. No 627) has successfully passed its sea part of the state trials.

The tugboat is intended for towing and berthing operations in harbor, roadsteads and coastal areas which comply with R2 navigation area, refloating of ships and vessels, fire fighting operations at floating and shore objects, oil and petroleum content products, cargo transportation, ice breaking and erosion operations.

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9 July 2015
The tugboat «Afalina» of the project 16609 (building No 630) has been launched.

At the launching ceremony was attended by representatives of the customer, authority of the shipyard and factory workers.

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7 July 2015
Open JSC “Pella” has taken part in the International Maritime Defense Show 2015.

From 1st to 5th of July 2015 in the exhibition complex "Lenexpo", St. Petersburg the 7th International Maritime Defense Show was held in which Open JSC "Pella" has traditionally participated.

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