14 July 2008

New tug design

At the moment the concept design stage of a modern multitask Escort tug is finishing. Except escort, berthing and towing opereations, the tug will be capable of performing a wide range of duties such as rescue, fire fighting and pollution control operations. Tug length – 34 meters, breadth – 12 meters and draft 4.6 meters. Tug is designed for Rolls-Royce azimuth thrusters and Caterpillar 2000 kW main engines to provide 70 tons bollard pull. Comfortable conditions for work and rest are provided for 18 persons (8 crew members and 10 passengers). The tug is classed КМ Arc5 R1 AUT1 FF2WS Tug due to RMRS classification, but it has the ability to be re-classed to a similar class due to the rules of other classification societies. As all Pella`s vessels, it is loaded with equipment from the world leading manufacturers.

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