28 September 2015

The Leningrad Shipyard “Pella” participated in the International exhibition “NEVA-2015”

From 22nd till 25th September 2015 the “13th International Maritime Exhibition and Conferences of Russia” took place in Saint-Petersburg.
According to the long-standing tradition OJSC Leningrad Shipyard “Pella” participated in this event, so important for the whole shipbuilding industry.
The shipyard presented the whole line of civil products emphasizing the new one.
For instance one could see the new prospective project - icebreaker “Tundra” – powerful, reliable and very compact in its class vessel intended to operate in severe ice conditions (with a solid ice depth up to 2m). High maneuverability is achieved due to 2 full revolving azimuth thrusters with a capacity of about 7 MW each of them. The icebreaker is equipped with the big cargo deck, the cargo crane and two cargo holds. Crew and special personnel accommodation has a high level of comfort.
Besides the new product there were presented the serial manufactured vessels: the fishing vessel of PL-475 project, marine tug of project PS-60, multipurpose rescue-tug of the PS-45 project, the escort tug of PE-65 project, high-maneuverable tugs of projects 16609, 90600, Rascal 2000 and pilot boat PI-22 project.
The exhibition was visited by many officials including the representatives of Russian Federal Fisheries Agency.
During the exhibition there were held the negotiations with prospective customers and foreign partners.

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